Concept and mood board an original shoot for Gucci who would like to focus on their Fall / Winter Collection through the eyes of influencers. Mock up a layout for WWW and show how you would use the shoot imagery in a compelling story format, show any type of UI.


I was very inspired by the Gucci Fall / Winter show earlier this year. It was exciting and surreal, transporting the viewer into a dream-like and strange universe. It was so fantastical and captivating.

For this concept, we take inspiration from the show. Our narrative will be slightly surreal and guide the reader through the fashion in an unconventional way. 


For this concept, I think it would be great to work with Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure) and her identical twin sister Molly Blutstein (@accidentalinfluencer). They've both worked with Gucci before and their aesthetic and brand voice aligns well with Who What Wear.

Additionally, working with identical twins can add to the surrealism of the shoot and make for some interesting shots. 


We will nod to a theme of gravity and surrealism throughout the narrative by playing with the camera's perspective, image orientation, and movement.

In order to have the best impact, it's important to stay tasteful and not take this theme too far. Just few shots throughout the story should be enough.  


Shooting with identical twins gives us the opportunity to play with dynamic shots of the two of them together.


Our final images will have a vintage feel to them. The lighting should feel warm and gentle, nostalgic and dreamy. For some images, we can play with lens filters to soften the image and to create flares. This type of lighting will also compliment the warmth of the Fall / Winter collection.


Because we're working with influencers, I think we should allow Reese and Molly to pick their favorite pieces from the collection. This will help the story feel more natural & authentic and less advertised.

It would be interesting to have the sisters pick the looks for each other, and to talk about their choices within the text of the story.


To play with the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy, we'll shoot in a wide open outdoor location. A setting that is isolated, indistinguishable, and natural allows the viewer to use their imagination to place the narrative. It also allows us to use natural props and surroundings in a surreal way.


For this concept, we will keep the hair and makeup simple and comfortable, while playing up the natural texture of Reese and Molly's hair.

The goal of this concept is to weave a surreal world with reality. Keeping the HMUA simple adds a touch of reality and also helps the reader focus on the fashion.


Because Who What Wear is an online platform, we have a lot of creative opportunity to execute past static imagery. We will incorporate looping gifs and cinemagraphs throughout the story.

This will add a surreal element to our imagery while also taking advantage of the digital arena.


Please remember that many of these images will not be static, as mentioned above. The clouds will move, as well as a number of the twin's images.

In terms of UI, this page will have a parallax scroll enabled so that the text and imagery overlap tastefully through movement. 

We will not add any additional graphic elements (sticking soley to text and image layout) in order to focus our attention on the moving images.