Concept and mood board an original shoot for Laura Mercier. Mock up a layout for Byrdie and include shoppable product in an editorial style. Show how you would use the shoot imagery in a compelling story format. Please show any type of UI.


The Laura Mercier brand voice is very chic, clean, and straightforward. We'd like to honor that while simultaneously infusing some of the Byrdie playfulness that our readers gravitate towards. We will do this by keeping our imagery more simple while adding color and whimsy to the layout elements. 

Our narrative will focus on the how easily you can go from "no make-up" natural look to a more formal night-out look using Laura Mercier products. We will highlight four looks total, starting with a simple look and adding an element to it each time (blush, lip, & eyeshadow).


Our photographer will shoot with 35mm Kodak Portra film to achieve an easy and inviting image feel.

For each look, we will display a contact sheet as well as one larger close up beauty shot. The contact sheet will allow for the model to display dynamic movement in a subtle way. It will also help demonstrate our characters transition from day into night. 


We will shoot in studio with a simple cream / nude colored sheet as a backdrop. Using a sheet instead of a seamless will help add depth and texture to the background.


Our lighting will be soft and natural.  This will allow our makeup looks to stand out more.


Much like our beauty looks, the fashion will build for each of the four shots. The model will start with a casual work look, and add a piece for each of our four looks (jacket, earrings, shoes/bag). By the end, both her makeup and her outfit will have her ready to go out that night.

To best represent the Laura Mercier brand, our looks will be sophisticated and modern. Our clothes will blend simple nudes, whites, and earthy colors with interesting textures and layers.


Our muse for this shoot is Charlotte Carey from Photogenics LA. She portrays a working woman with a social life, has an inviting character, and is inclusive and relatable.  


Our makeup will focus on four main Laura Mercier products, with each look adding onto the previous one. Our goal throughout the story is to stay relatable to the every day woman. 

We will feature the Laura Mericer Flawless Foundation in look 1, Baked Blush Bronze in look 2, Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm in look 3, and The Extreme Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette in look 4. 

We'll keep the hair more simple so as not to take away from the makeup. We might slightly change it in the final look (put it up or do half-up half-down) in order to really show that the look is complete and she is ready to go out.


This page would have parallax scroll enabled, allowing the type and images to move past each other at slightly different speeds to create an illusion of depth. As mentioned previously, our natural and simple imagery will be paired with a more playful and colorful layout style. 




Below is an example of how the title text will animate on scroll. Once it animates, it will stay in place.



Below is an example of what would happen when you hover over the Laura Mercier product. This would link you straight to the product page.